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Women's Clothing



Up to 2/3 of the sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage - before the clothes have actually been made. Fiber selection also affects how you’re gonna wash the garment, and potentially recycle it one day - both important factors to consider when it comes to the environmental impact. Reformation tries to make these standards as holistic as possible, taking into consideration water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability and price.

Purusha Active Wear


Purusha only uses Tencel from eucalyptus trees, Modal from beechwood trees, and USA grown GOTS certified organic cotton. Tencel and Modal are sustainably harvested from trees in Europe, and Tencel uses a closed loop processing for its fabric. In other words, no chemicals are ever leached into the environment during the creation of their fabrics. 



Poplinen is devoted to supporting the environment, and learning how to better do that throughout their entire supply chain as they grow. They're designing with the future in mind by creating thoughtful, enduring pieces with the least harmful impact on our planet––styles that can be passed on for years to come.

Cora Ball


  The Cora Ball is a new kind of laundry ball. Inspired by the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball collects our microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way. Together, we keep these microfibers out of our waterways and our ocean. Yes! Just toss the Cora Ball into your washer. It's a simple step that has a big impact wash after wash.