Plastic alternatives, zero waste options, & education to fight plastic pollution.


Check out the Plastic Pollution Coalition & their various petitions to demand action to reduce plastic consumption! 
No more single-use plastic packaging from Amazon - Click Here
Protect our drinking water from microplastics  - Click Here
Legislation to reduce plastics being produced - Click Here
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See what data they're collecting regarding plastic pollution & how they're trying to change policies to stop this problem at the source. 

Plastic Bank

See how they're trying to combat plastic pollution and poverty, simultaneously. 

Up-Cycled Ocean Plastic

Read this quick article about people reusing ocean plastic.  

Ocean Works

See how they're accelerating the market for recycled ocean plastic.

Recycling Facts & Figures

See the facts about our global plastic pollution problem and how little actually gets recycled.

Parley TV

See how their new program is working with partners to reduce plastic in consumption, production, and distribution.


Learn about how deep our plastic pollution is sinking in the ocean

The Story Of Stuff

Great Watch! (21 Mins)


The Genius Life — Ep 42

How Plastic Is Wrecking Your Health

Planet Money — Ep 926

So, should we recycle



Seafood Watch

 Sustainable seafood options 

NOAA Fishwatch

Sustainable seafood information

Seal Spotter

Report an injured, entangled, or dead pinniped to Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach


Citizen science project and online social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe


Utilize for local tide charts

Repurposing/DIY Ideas:


Makeup Recycling

TerraCycle- Recycle your waste, helping you find a solution for almost all of your waste

DIY Recycling

Composting Info


Compost awareness

Food/yard waste

Composting at home